Address:4578 Marmora Road, Glasgow, D04 89GR


Fast & affordable, we help locals and businesses to deliver!



Ivering was created a couple of decades ago, founded by two best  friends and the Bicycle Delivery industry professionals Brent and Phil.



And though the company initially started out in a small office where the two of them made up the entire company, now it became one of the leading bicycle delivery providers in the area!



With more than 10000 yearly deliveries and almost 100 couriers on our team, we have to have a big fleet of well-maintained and fast road bicycles!



We aim to make our service as reasonably priced, as possible, allowing multiple SMBs to use our bicycle delivery for good!

As a small e-commerce business owner, I am totally dependent on the quality, speed and decisiveness of the delivery and shipping services I work with. Luckily, all my history of cooperation with the Ivering company was nothing but a smooth ride!


Benedict Arnold

Ivery, WV

When I had to move recently, the whole moving process went along in a few stages… One of those stages has seen me sending some large furniture and other household items from my old home to my new residence… God knows what would I do without the Ivering – a perfect service!

Deborah Quagmire

Tornacle, WV